History of the place
The “Very noble and very loyal” city of Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala was the third capital city of the Spanish Empire´s General Captaincy of Guatemala, which comprised areas of Southwestern Mexico and the Yucatan peninsula all the way to Costa Rica. Founded in 1542, the city was structured according to the regulations of the time, in which the different neighborhoods were occupied by different castes. The Candelaria neighborhood was inhabited by the working class, the populace of Santiago.

Due to the population increase, in the seventeenth century new churches and chapels were planned and built to meet the growing demand. Among them, three chapels devoted to Our Lady of Pain. The first one at el Manchen, now disappeared, another one in the hill to the North of Candelaria, known then as the chapel of the Pains above, and finally, a third one in the plains, popularly called the chapel of the Pains below, precisely where Hotel Cirilo is located. The latter one was finished in the year 1723 and was destroyed by the earthquakes of Saint Martha, that all but leveled the city fifty years later and eventually were the cause of the decision to move the capital to the Ermita valley, where Guatemala City is now located.
Our hotel
Conceived as a tranquil and quiet retreat for your relaxation and rest, Hotel Cirilo is located at the Candelaria neighborhood, one of the most peaceful areas of the original urban area of La Antigua Guatemala, close to everything yet far enough from the hustle and bustle.

Surrounding the recently restored ruins of a colonial church from the eighteenth century, our hotel possesses only 7 rooms and provides all the guest services needed to make your stay a comfortable and pleasant one. Our rooms, all different, are spacious and all have fireplaces.

From our restaurant, while viewing the gardens in the nave of the old chapel and the majestic cone of the Agua volcano dominating the landscape, you can taste dishes from our international menu. You can also enjoy, from our bar, the views to the gardens and our solar-heated lap pool, where you can sunbathe and find solace in the quietness that reigns here, or take a refreshing dip.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our facilities are not designed for children under 15 years old, nor we have personnel able to supervise and guarantee their safety.
Every room is designed thinking in your comfort and in creating an environment for your relaxation and resting.

We have 6 rooms for two persons, two of them with two full beds each and 4 with one queen bed each.

We also possess a suite that can host up to three persons, with a queen size bed and an individual bed in a mezzanine.